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Objective Call Center, ISR, SDR compliance and evaluation via Telephone Secret Shopping.


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A well-planned and supported service program can yield ongoing invaluable data about how your customers view the quality of your call center, sales and service interactions. Although often overlooked, these people are the front line of your business – accepting orders, resolving issues, and answering product questions. By delivering a consistently outstanding customer service you can create a sustainable competitive advantage and can keep your brand experience ahead of your competitors.

Our programs can be tailored to your market and client base

With over three million calls made and received the team of marketing and client service professionals at Callcheckers will work with you to design a custom program that includes all the variables unique to your industry. We can also further tailor the plan to concentrate on identified problem areas or specific training issues that you need to focus on. Our agents pose as actual customers or prospects, either calling to place orders or ask specific questions or alternatively taking calls as a typical prospect. Thus allowing you to ensure that all bases are covered and your team are delivering the right script to deal with your specific needs.

Track & Analyze Complete Transactions

With a callcheckers service in place, an actual live account can be set up to track a complete order transaction through every stage of the customer’s journey. You and your management team get an invaluable view of the entire customer service experience, showing not just how individual representatives are functioning, but how your business systems and training programs are working locally and globally to accomplish set targets.

This type of binary and qualitative feedback is back to you within 48 hours. You can action problems immediately and measure REAL improvements in sales and service delivery.
Our reporting and analysis and unique rating system will pinpoint areas where processes may not be delivered to their expected levels or where more intensive training in certain key areas may be needed. With appropriate permissions calls are recorded with notation and online access for your training staff.

We also track email response times, grammar, punctuation, pronunciation, data accuracy, and thoroughness. If you are interested in improving your team’s skills and giving your customers a substantially better experience then set up an account and trial call checkers today.

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